About Us

Welcome to my little corner of the World.

My name is Mj, and I am a natural Intuitive, Empath, and a Crystal Reiki Master. I started Healing Stones for You, because I “feel” the stones, and intuitively know which ones are beneficial to use for common issues, or specific needs.

I fully believe in the healing properties that our jewelry and stones offer our customers. I experience these benefits in my daily life, with my husband, Kevin, an Artist and Metalsmith, who shares in the creation of our products.

Our best selling items are our extensive and growing selection of handmade Crystal Grids that we create for intentions that most affect our daily lives. We design our Grids intelligently, using several tiers of six (6) crystals that are appropriately sized to fit the Grid Board, and that correspond to energy convergence points on the Sacred Geometry pattern. Our Crystal selection process is based on the power we feel emanating from them, and their connection to the intention of the Grid we are creating.

When you receive an item that you’ve purchased from us, rest assured that I have personally charged it with Reiki energy. This ensures that your item is ready to use, for your highest good, right when you receive it.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@healing_stones_for_you) for special sales and a “first look” at our newest items.

NOTE: We do offer Wholesale pricing for qualified Buyers. Please use our Wholesale Contact Form for further info.