Crystal Properties

A Reference Guide of the healing properties of Crystals

All natural Crystals have healing properties so if you feel you are drawn to one Crystal, over another, it usually means that you need that Crystal.

Read some of the key Crystal Properties we have listed below, to see if any of them can help you, on your path to wellness.

Stones of Intention

Crystal Properties


Agate (Blue Lace) Properties:
• Brings peace of mind • An excellent healing stone • Counteracts mental stress
• Great nurturing and supportive stone • Soft energy is cooling and calming
• Helps release shoulder and neck problems • Activates and heals the throat chakra
• Gently dissolves old patterns of repression • Encourages new modes of expression
• Helps men accept their sensitive natures • Allows free expression of thoughts and feelings
• Neutralizes anger, inflammation and fever


Agate (Botswana) Properties:
• Helpful for smokers and those who want to quit smoking • Helps the body to assimilate oxygen
• Aids depression • Helps center and stabilize physical energy • Harmonizes Yin and Yang energies
• Helps you explore your creativity • Helps you see the “bigger picture” • Stimulates the crown chakra


Agate (Fire) Properties:
• Has a calming energy • Strong grounding powers • Forms protective shield around body
• Stimulates vitality • Dispels fear • Helps eliminate cravings • Useful in treating addictions • Aids relaxation
• Helps reduce hot flashes • Instills deep security • Prevents energy burnout

moss agate

Agate (Moss) Properties:
• A stone of new beginnings • Stabilizing stone connected strongly with nature • Attracts abundance
• Helps reduce sensitivity to weather • Improves self esteem • Helps release fear and stress
• Promotes self expression • Balances emotions • Anti-inflammatory


Agate (Tree) Properties:
• Earth & Environment Healer • Connects to nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits
• Enhances rapport with living things • Helps face difficult situations • Helps to fight infections
• Instills a feeling of safety • Encourages a positive sense of self • Provides unshakeable self esteem


Amazonite Properties:
• An extremely soothing stone • Calms the brain and nervous system • Soothes emotional trauma
• Balances masculine and feminine energies • Dispels negative energy and aggravation
• Relieves muscle spasms • Protects against electromagnetic pollution • Powerful filtering action
• Helps you maintain optimum health • Alleviates worry and fear


Amethyst Properties:
• Extremely powerful and protective stone • Strong healing and cleansing properties • Enhances memory
• Boosts production of hormones • Natural tranquilizer • Releases physical and emotional pain
• Headache and tension release • Overcomes addictions • Facilitates decision making process
• One of the most spiritual stones • Promotes emotional centering • Alleviates sadness and grief
• Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts • Helpful when insomnia is caused by an overactive mind


Angelite Properties:
• Formed from Celestite • A Stone of Awareness • Enhances telepathic communication
• Facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm • Deepens attunement
• Helps you to speak your truth • Alleviates psychological pain • Heightens perception
• Creates deep feelings of peace and tranquility • Stimulates healing • Useful in weight control

Blue apatite stone

Apatite Properties:
• Suppresses hunger • Raises metabolic rate • Increases motivation • Builds up energy reserves
• Reduces irritability • Deepens meditation • Aids communication and self-expression on all levels
• Helps develop psychic gifts • Stimulates creativity • A stone of manifestation
• Overcomes emotional exhaustion • Facilitates results when used with other crystals


Aventurine Properties:
• Attracts abundance and good fortune • Promotes feeling of physical well-being • Heightens perception
• Prevents over production of adrenalin • Stabilizes blood pressure • Stimulates metabolism
• Anti inflammatory properties • Eases skin eruptions and allergies • Balances male-female energy
• Stabilizes your state of mind and enhances creativity • Settles nausea • Calms anger or irritation
• Helps calm anxiety and panic attacks • All around healer bringing emotional calm


Bloodstone Properties:
• Master Healer for the body • Sedates or energizes according to your body’s requirements
• Stimulates the immune system • Strengthens your ability to make decisions
• Powerful detoxifier • Grounding and protective stone • Helps with insomnia
• Reduces high blood pressure • Calms irritability, impatience and aggressiveness
• Heightens intuition and increases creativity • Assists you to act in the present moment
• Calms the mind and dispels confusion • Helps with stress and anxiety

blue calcite

Calcite (Blue) Properties:
• Lowers blood pressure • Dissolves pain on all levels • Used for recuperation and relaxation
• Soothes nerves and lifts anxieties • Releases negative emotions • Aids clear communication
• Absorbs energy, filters it, and returns it to benefit the sender • Combats laziness
• Fortifies the Immune system • Creates emotional intelligence • Removes stagnant energy
• Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy

green calcite

Calcite (Green) Properties:
• An active crystal – speeds up development and growth • Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy
• Removes stagnant energy • Combats laziness • Creates emotional intelligence
• Alleviates emotional stress • Mental healer • Absorbs negativity • Gets rid of bacterial infections
• Powerful stimulator for immune system • Cools fevers, burns and inflammation


Carnelian Properties:
• Great energizer • Stimulates creativity • Attracts abundance • Helps to lift depression
• Heightens libido • Improves absorption of minerals and vitamins • Stimulates metabolism
• Protects against rage, envy and resentment • Has the ability to cleanse other stones
• Improves analytic abilities • Sharpens concentration • Full of life force and vitality


Charoite Properties:
• Stimulates inner vision and spiritual insight • Provides deep physical and emotional healing
• Overcomes compulsions and obsessions • Regulates blood pressure
• Bestows deeps sleep and powerful dreams • Known as the Stone of Transformation
• Helps you accept the present moment as perfect • Facilitates acceptance of others
• Reduces stress and worry • Bestows drive, vigor and spontaneity
• Grounds the spiritual self into everyday reality • Alleviates cramps, aches and pains


Chrysocolla Properties:
• A tranquil and sustaining stone • Heals heartache • Alleviates muscle cramps
• Helps with meditation and communication • Inspires creativity • Enhances personal power
• Reduces mental tension • Helps alleviate guilt • Opens psychic vision
• Lowers blood pressure • Treats PMS and cramps • Draws off negative energy of all kinds


Chrysoprase Properties:
• Draws out talent and stimulates creativity • Strong detoxifier • Treats skin diseases
• Balances hormones • Maintains prostate health • Excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep
• Promotes hope and gives personal insights • Induces deep meditative states
• Encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships • Enhances fertility
• Stimulates acceptance of oneself and others • Useful in healing codependence
• Overcomes compulsive thoughts and actions • Soothes the digestive system • Heals the inner child


Citrine Properties:
• Energizes every level of your life • Teaches how to attract wealth, prosperity, and success
• Raises self esteem and confidence • Enhances concentration • Promotes joy in life
• Helps you develop a positive attitude • Helps balance hormones • Reduces hot flashes
• Helps overcome depression and fear • Activates creativity • Never needs cleansing
• Helps you become emotionally balanced


Dumortierite Properties:
• Highlights patterns the underlie addictions • Calms over-excitability • Instills unshakeable self-confidence
• Helps you stand up for yourself  • Helps you take control of your life • Promotes clarity and self-discipline
• Helps to overcome stage fright, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, and depression
• Helps to attract a soulmate


Eudialyte Properties:
• A stone of personal empowerment • Chases away depression • Releases negative emotions
• Expedites profound change • Stabilizes the nervous system • Encourages the body to heal itself
• Helps draw together soul companions • Assists you in finding your creative outlet
• Promotes self-forgiveness and healthy self-love • Helps you end relationships with grace and peace
• Instills confidence • Lets you embrace the fullness of all that life has to offer


Fluorite Properties:
• A highly protective stone • Guards against computer and electromagnetic stress
• Heightens intuitive powers • Increases concentration • Improves physical and mental coordination
• Helps remove blemishes and wrinkles • Beneficial for colds & flu • Provides pain relief
• Draws off negative energy and stress • Dissolves illusions and reveals truth


Goldstone Properties:
• Man-made from Glass and Copper through the alchemy process • Known as the “Money Stone”
• Attracts wealth of all kinds • Boosts motivation • A generator stone associated with ambition and drive
• Instills unshakeable self-confidence • Helps you find your inner wealth
• Makes the best possible use of your natural resources

Iron oxide mineral hematite

Hematite Properties:
• Enhances willpower and reliability • Helps overcome addictions • Grounds and protects you
• Treats any form of overindulgence • Stimulates concentration and focus • Boosts self esteem
• Harmonizes mind, body, and spirit • Dissolves negativity • Provides pain relief
• Helps with leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia • Helps draw heat from the body


Howlite Properties:
• A calming stone • Antidote for insomnia • Stimulates a desire for knowledge • Teaches patience
• Prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights • Calms turbulent emotions • Strengthens memory
• Formulates and aids in achieving ambitions • Strengthens positive character traits
• Eliminates rage and uncontrolled anger • Stills the mind helping sleep and meditation


Iolite Properties:
• Aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction • Reduces fatty deposits in the body
• Known as a vision stone • Mitigates the effect of alcohol • Alleviates migraine headaches
• Creates a strong constitution • Stimulates connection to inner knowing • Helps you express your true self
• Releases discord within relationships • Can overcome codependency


Jasper (Picture ) Properties:
• Brings stability and balance • Alleviates geopathic and environmental stress • Improves night vision
• Facilitates deep meditation • Boosts the immune system • Clears toxins from the body
• Heals the skin • Strengthens resolve to quit smoking • Brings comfort and alleviates fear
• Stimulates the immune system • Balances Yin/Yang energy • Stimulates the imagination


Jasper (Rain Forest) / Rhyolite Properties:
• Ignites the potential and creativity of the soul • Facilitates deep meditation • Balances emotions
• Keeps you anchored in the present • Enhances self-esteem • Fortifies the body’s natural resistance
• Improves assimilation of B vitamins


Jasper (Red) Properties:
• Absorbs negative energy • Promotes tranquility • Known as “Supreme Nurturer” • Enhances creativity
• Balances emotions • Instills courage and determination • Extremely protective stone
• Balances Yin and Yang energies • Supports the reproductive system and sexual organs
• Clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution • Gently stimulating


Jasper (Yellow) Properties:
• Protects during spiritual work and physical travel • Releases toxins • Heals digestion
• Channels positive energy making you feel better physically • Soothes emotions
• Nurturing and supportive stone • Releases emotional blockages • Provides positive energy
• Gives courage to face difficulties • Stimulates imagination

blue kyanite

Kyanite (Blue) Properties:
• Protects you from psychic attack • Releases excess weight • Lowers blood pressure
• Doesn’t hold negativity so it never needs cleansing • Excellent for meditation use
• Encourages self-expression and communication • Stimulates psychic abilities and intuition
• Instantly aligns all Chakras • Helps to balance Yin Yang energy • Natural pain reliever
• Helps spiritual energy manifest in thought • Restores Qi to the physical body
• Dispels blockages, illusion, anger, frustration and stress


Labradorite Properties:
• Highly mystical and protective stone • Stimulates intuition • Calms an overactive mind
• Regulates metabolism • Balances hormones • Lowers blood pressure • Relieves PMS
• Energizes the imagination, bringing up new ideas • One of the great transformation stones
• Helps relieve anxiety and depression • Helps to reduce stress

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Properties:
• A very protective stone • Encourages taking charge of life • Powerful thought amplifier
• Alleviates migraine pain • Helps overcome depression • Helps to express feelings and emotions
• Harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels • Quickly releases stress
• Bonds relationships in love and friendship • Boosts the immune system • Brings deep peace
• Alleviates insomnia


Larimar Properties:
• A Spiritual stone • Promotes tranquility • Radiates love and peace • Raises consciousness
• Helps to find your soulmate • Helps take control of your life • Stimulates creativity • Promotes self-healing
• Effortlessly induces a deep meditative state • Alleviates guilt • Brings emotional calmness
• Reconnects to joyful childlike energy • Heals trauma to the heart • An antidote to emotional extremes


Lepidolite Properties:
• Contains Lithium • Reduces stress and depression • Stabilizes mood swings • Overcomes insomnia
• Supportive in releasing from addictions • Brings deep emotional healing • Halts obsessive thoughts
• Clears electromagnetic pollution • Helps to achieve goals • Skin detoxifier • Excellent for menopause
• Encourages independence • Soothes emotional stress • Numbs sciatica and nerve pain


Magnesite Properties:
• Brings deep peace to meditation • Enhances visualization • Helps you feel centered
• Calms emotions • Supports people who are nervous and fearful • Helps to overcome irritability
• Contains high levels of Magnesium and aids its absorption in the body • Muscle relaxant
• Relieves headaches / migraines • Treats cramps (menstrual, stomach, intestinal, and vascular)
• Speeds up fat metabolism • Balances body temperature • Stimulates heartfelt love


Magnetite (Lodestone) Properties:
• Magnetite will attract and repel, energize and sedate • Relieves aches and pains
• Attracts love, commitment and loyalty • Alleviates fear, anger, and grief
• Brings inner stability • Provides healing energy needed for recovery • Anti-inflammatory
• A grounding stone • Stops nosebleeds


Malachite Properties:
• Facilitates deep emotional healing • Helps lower blood pressure • Enhances the immune system
• Great protection stone • A stone for transformation • Activates psychic vision
• Releases inhibition • Alleviates shyness • Supports friendships • Stimulates dreams
• Treats menstrual cramps • Use/wear in polished form only


Moonstone Properties:
• A stone for new beginnings • Balances hormones • Soothes emotional instability and stress
• Eliminates fluid retention • Promotes intuition and empathy • Enhances psychic abilities
• Attunes to the biorhythmic clock • Helps digestive and reproductive systems • Calms emotions
• Calms over-reaction to emotional triggers • Filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy
• Helps with PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding


Obsidian (Black) Properties:
• A powerful and creative stone • Increases self control • Reduces pain • Has the gift of prophecy
• Repels negativity • Provides deep soul healing • Strong, protective stone
• Soaks up negative energy • Can shrink an enlarged prostate • Dissolves emotional blockages
• Relieves tension • Healing comes extremely fast and with great power

mahogany obsidian

Obsidian (Mahogany) Properties:
• Gentler energy than Black Obsidian • Grounds and protects • Stimulates growth
• Eliminates energy blockages • Stabilizing stone • Relieves pain • Improves circulation


Obsidian (Snowflake) Properties:
• A stone of purity • Balances mind, body, and spirit • Improves circulation
• Releases stressful mental patterns • Teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes
• A calming and soothing stone • Promotes dispassion and inner centering


Onyx Properties:
• Centers your energy • Imparts self-control • Alleviates overwhelming fears and worries
• Gives strength • Assists in keeping your own counsel • Promotes stamina
• Balances Yin Yang energies • Provides support during times of enormous mental or physical stress
• Helps you become Master of your own destiny • Holds the memories of things that have happened to you

peacock ore

Peacock Ore (Bornite) Properties:
• Opens Psychic abilities • Protection against negative thoughts • Helps to calm spasms
• Filters out what is no longer relevant and helps in moving on • Enhances inner knowing
• Helps deal with traumatic situations • Teaches trust in the intuitive process
• Can be programmed to send or receive healing from a distance
• Helps find happiness in the present moment

Tumbled Prehnite

Prehnite Properties:
• A stone of unconditional love • Calms the environment • Helps to heal the Healer
• Can induce deep meditation • Brings peace and protection • Helps make your home a healing sanctuary
• Enhances precognition and inner knowing • Teaches you how to be in harmony with nature
• Alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears • Shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth


Pyrite (Iron) Properties:
• Blocks negative energy and pollutants • Overcomes feelings of inadequacy • Promotes diplomacy
• Improves memory and recall • Relieves anxiety and frustration • Increases energy
• Boosts self-worth and confidence • Overcomes fatigue • Helpful for melancholy and despair

clear quartz

Quartz (Clear) Properties:
• Most powerful Master Healing stone • Enhances psychic abilities • Stimulates the immune system
• Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy • Strengthens concentration and unlocks memory
• Heals holistically by uniting the mind, emotions and spirit with the physical body • Brings the body into balance
• When used with other crystals, it amplifies their vibrations • Takes energy to the most perfect state possible

Rose Quartz

Quartz (Rose) Properties:
• Master Healer for the heart and emotions • The stone of unconditional love • Promotes fertility
• Removes negative energy • Helps with mid-life crisis • Soothes internalized pain
• Attracts love • Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance • Restores emotional balance
• Aids in relieving tension and stress


Quartz (Smoky) Properties:
• Efficient grounding stone • A natural analgesic • Effective pain reliever • Lifts depression • Relieves fear
• Brings emotional tranquility • Supports concentration • Encourages positive, practical thoughts
• Superb antidote to stress • Assists detoxification on all levels • Absorbs electromagnetic smog
• Dissolves negative emotions • Alleviates nightmares and manifests your dreams


Quartz (Tourmalinated) Properties:
• Brings together the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline • Effective grounding stone
• Releases tension • Effective problem solver • Strengthens the body’s energy field
• Turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones • Alleviates self-sabotage
• Treats pain of all kinds including Sciatica and nerve injuries • Reduces aggression
• Helps resolve inner battles and conflicts


Rhodonite Properties:
• Emotional balancer • Nurtures love • Heals emotional shock and panic • Builds confidence
• Alleviates confusion • Balances Yin Yang energies • Clears up emotional wounds and scars
• Stimulates fertility • Grounds energy • Resonates with forgiveness • Brings intuitive guidance


Selenite Properties:
• One of the most powerful crystals • Place in corners of your home for protection
• Instills deep peace • Promotes flexibility • Assists judgement and insight
• Opens the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras • Excellent for meditation and spiritual work
• Clears confusion • Powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions • Dissolves when wet


Sodalite Properties:
• Powerful mental healer • Eliminates confusion • Helps overcome phobias • Regulates metabolism
• Reduces panic attacks • Boosts the immune system • Prevents insomnia • Lowers blood pressure
• Brings emotional balance • Helps to balance the conscious and subconscious minds • Enhances self esteem
• Clears electromagnetic pollution – Place on computers to block their emanations
• This stone’s Latin name means: “A cure for headaches” • Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception


Sugilite Properties:
• One of the major “Love Stones” • Represents spiritual love and wisdom • Inspires spiritual awareness
• Protects the soul from shocks, trauma, and disappointments • Aids forgiveness
• Alleviates sorrow, grief, and fear • Encourages positive thoughts • Good pain reliever
• Contains Manganese which clears headaches and discomfort at all levels


Sunstone Properties:
• A joyful stone • Heightens intuition • Helps you nurture yourself • Removes co-dependency
• Facilitates self-empowerment, independence and vitality • Overcomes procrastination
• Removes inhibitions • Acts as an anti-depressant • Stimulates self-healing powers
• Increases self-worth • Encourages optimism and enthusiasm • Most beneficial when used in the sun


Super Seven Properties:
• Combines the properties of Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rutile Quartz, Goethite, Ledipocrocite and Cacoxenite
• The smallest piece carries the vibration of all, whether or not all minerals are present
• Activates spiritual gifts • Supports and heightens vibrations of other crystals around it
• Heals physically and emotionally • Stimulates the body’s natural healing system
• Supports the immune system, skin and bones • Pulls stagnant energy out of the body


Tiger Eye (Blue) Properties:
• A calming stone • Releases stress • Aids overanxious, quick-tempered and phobic people
• Slows the metabolism • Cools an overactive sex drive • Dissolves sexual frustrations
• Attracts abundance


Tiger Eye (Gold) Properties:
• Enhances psychic ability • Protective stone • Enhances practical perception • Resolves internal conflict
• Alleviates depression • Balances Yin Yang energies • Excellent companion for tests and important meetings
• Helps you pay attention to detail • Heals personality disorders • Assists in accomplishing goals
• Supports an addictive personality in making changes • Helps release fear and anxiety


Tiger Eye (Red) Properties:
• A stimulating stone • Overcomes lethargy • Speeds up a slow metabolism • Alleviates depression
• Increases a low sex drive • Balances Yin Yang energies • Enhances psychic ability


Tourmaline (Black) Properties:
• Protects against negative energy of all kinds • Strengthens the immune system • Provides pain relief
• Encourages a positive attitude • Promotes self-confidence • Attracts prosperity • Diminishes fear
• Forms a protective shield around your body or home • Increases physical vitality • Disperses tension and stress

green tourmaline

Tourmaline (Green) Properties:
• Excellent healer • Rejuvenates and inspires creativity • Facilitates weight loss
• Helps with visualization • Aids sleep by quieting the mind • Brings balance and joie de vivre
• Promotes openness and patience • Helps reduce claustrophobia and panic attacks
• Magnetizes the owner to prosperity and abundance • Promotes compassion and tenderness

pink tourmaline thumb

Tourmaline (Pink) Properties:
• Assists in sharing physical pleasure • Provides assurance that it is safe to love • Cleanses the heart chakra
• Promotes peace and relaxation • Disperses emotional pain • Connects you to wisdom and compassion
• Stimulates receptivity to healing energies • Can balance a dysfunctional endocrine system
• An aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual world


Unakite Properties:
• A stone of vision • Balances emotions with spirituality • Useful for meditation
• Brings a calm, gentle energy • Negates effects of electromagnetic pollution
• Supports recovery from a major illness • Aids healthy pregnancy • Stimulates growth of hair and skin