Mini Crystal Grid Kits

Mini Crystal Grid Kits - Crystal Sets for Mini Grids by Healing Stones for You

Healing Stones for You is known for our great selection of Crystal Grids and Grid Sets, and now we are offering a new “first” which is Crystal Sets for Mini Grids.

With our Mini Crystal Grid Kits, you can choose the exact Crystals that resonate with your intentions, and then create a personalized Mini Grid for yourself, or for someone else.

Each Mini Crystal Grid Kit contains 6 Crystals (i.e., 6 Rose Quartz, 6 Unakite, etc.), that are the perfect size to use on our 6-inch Sacred Geometry Mini Grid Boards, or our new Mini Travel Grid. The size of these Mini Crystals range from 6 to 10 mm or 1/4 to 3/8″ each.

You can purchase your choice of 1 to 27 sets of Crystals, and each Crystal in these Mini Crystal Grid Kits will be hand-selected, cleansed, and charged, by a Crystal Reiki Master, so it arrives ready to be used for your highest good.

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