Reiki - Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki is a form of Japanese Energy Therapy, known as Universal Life Force Energy (also Qi or Chi.) A Reiki Master is trained to access this Universal Life Force Energy, and in a Reiki Session, the Reiki Master becomes the conduit who guides this energy to their Client, so the Client can promote balance within themselves.

Crystals have specific properties and they are used as tools to create balance, set an intention, increase awareness, or for healing of the body, mind, or spirit, since they have the ability to absorb and generate energy.

A Crystal Reiki Master uses Reiki Energy to access higher levels of consciousness, and to create a focused state. When this Universal Life Force Energy is activated, and directed towards Crystals, it strengthens and amplifies the inherent power and energy that is already present in the Crystals.

Every Crystal on our website has been charged with Reiki Universal Life Force Energy.

A Crystal Reiki Master will set an intention at the start of any Crystal Reiki Session, choose one or more Crystals that resonate with that intention, and will then access Reiki Universal Life Force Energy. We use our Crystal knowledge, and Reiki training, to focus the energy of the Session, and open that energy to the recipient. When Reiki Energy passes through the Crystals, it creates an energetic resonance within the recipient, that their body will then use to address specific imbalances.

Reiki Energy will always go where it’s needed.

Reiki Energy and Crystal Energy usually exist outside of our physical senses, so everyone experiences Crystal Energy and Reiki Energy differently. There are no set ways to define energy, or how it feels. Even if you don’t feel anything, you can rest assured that the Crystal Reiki Session has worked to balance, what needed to be balanced within you, and for your highest good.

During or after a Crystal Reiki Session, you could feel hot or cold, you could become energized, or you could fall asleep, you could laugh out loud, or you could cry, you could see lights and/or colors, and experience emotional or physical releases.

If you don’t experience anything eventful during the Session, this is because the body decides what to balance, and when. Shifts can occur solely on an energetic level at first, but over time, you could have physical results as well.

I understand that Reiki Practitioners do not heal, diagnose conditions, or perform any sort of medical treatment.

I understand that a Crystal Reiki Session does not take the place of medical or psychological care.

I understand that by using a Crystal Reiki Service I am opening myself up to allow Reiki Energy to balance what needs to be balanced.

I understand that I am not being cured of anything, by using a Crystal Reiki Service, and that any Crystal Reiki Session I participate in, is done with my highest good in mind. I understand that it might require multiple Crystal Reiki Sessions in order to facilitate change within myself.