Reiki Rituals & Oracle Card Readings

Reiki Rituals

Preview our selection of Remote Reiki Sessions and Oracle Card Readings

Burning Bowl Reiki Session

Our Burning Bowl Remote Reiki Ceremony is a ritual Fire Ceremony that clears the way for you to live your life to its highest good.

Chakra Balance Reiki Session

In this remote Reiki Session we use 7 Chakra Crystals to pick up on any disharmony, correct imbalances, and re-energize any Chakra that needs it.

Chakra Insight Card Reading

This Oracle Card Reading of your Chakras will give you a current picture of your true motives, thought processes, challenges, and the path ahead.

Crystal Reiki Recharge Session

If you feel like your Crystals have stopped working for you, and they don’t feel charged anymore, we offer a quick Crystal Reiki Recharge service.

Love Intention Card Reading

Looking for Love? This Oracle Card Reading will reveal what you really bring to the mix, as you set an intention for love.

Removing Blocks Card Reading

This Oracle Card Reading will lay out your path to achieving the “impossible” dream and tell you what you must do to create what you desire.

Single Card Oracle Reading

This Single Card Oracle Reading will reveal a course of action, that can provide you with a way to focus your energy on something specific.

Sunday Salutations Reiki

A group session that helps everyone move into the coming week, with spirits charged, ready to live our lives, for our highest good.

Three Card Oracle Reading

The Cards that are chosen in this Oracle Reading will reveal a course of action, that will help you understand what needs to be done.