Giving Thanks where Thanks is due

As we launch this website, I have two people that I need to thank, because without them, this business wouldn’t exist.

First I need to thank my Acupuncturist, Brian Caswell, who was amazed (and amused) by the “Stone Stories” I would tell him during our weekly sessions, about my adventures with Stones, all the while he was treating me and trying to peel me off the ceiling, from the business stress I was going thru at the time.

Brian had never heard stories like mine, so I laughed and said: “Maybe I should start a blog called “Stone Stories.”

He then made a simple statement: “I think you should start selling stones.”

I responded with: “I need another business, like I need a hole in the head.” But, that one comment he made, started the ball rolling, and here we are, with our new company, “Healing Stones for You”, ready to go!

As I started looking into starting this “new” Stone business, I remembered that over two decades ago, my friend Debbie and I had a business called: “Pebbles – Natural Stone Jewelry.” We made jewelry from the same natural stones that I was being attracted to now, and we sold our Jewelry to local stores and at Art Fairs, around the area. I actually even found an old 4-color catalog of ours, that featured the Bracelet, Necklace and Earring designs, we made back then. I was amazed to see that I had come full circle from then, to now.

So, my second “Thank You” goes out to my old friend and partner, Debbie, because without her, I never would have started making Natural Stone Jewelry in the first place.

While Healing Stones for You is the name of our company, I did get to name the blog “Stone Stories.” I can’t wait to tell you some of my stories and I hope you will share some of your stories with us.