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Orgonite® Pendants with Healing Stones

Orgonite Pendants from Healing Stones for You

With our Orgonite® Pendants, we’ve found yet another way for you to wear gorgeous, natural stones, and wear them in a way that keeps bad energy away from you.

Our Orgonite® Pendants are made of equal parts of jewelry grade resin and metal, and one Quartz Crystal. When these three elements are mixed together, they continuously clear any bad energy around you, by taking it in, “washing” it, and sending it back out as clean energy. We add additional natural stones and metal pieces to enhance the vibration and look of our Pendants.

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Our Orgonite® Pendants are approved by Karl Hans Welz, Orgonite® inventor and trademark owner. We have his permission to use the term Orgonite®.