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Inner Strength Aluminum Pendants

Inner Strength Pendants by Healing Stones for You

Are you on a journey to discover your true purpose, or you may sense what it is but can’t define it?

Are you a Light Worker on a quest to help others, an Indigo Child on a mission to shake up the world, or a Gypsy Soul refusing to settle or be held down?

Whichever you are, our new Inner Strength Pendants can help you reveal, recognize, and represent the other half of your soul or your life’s destiny.

Each Inner Strength Pendant is carved from 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, which is perfect for jewelry due to its strong, durable, non-corroding properties. Aluminum is also used in alternative medicine to reduce joint pain, it enhances mental abilities, and when used in jewelry, it protects the wearer. We then set a 10mm calibrated cabochon into each dog tag style Pendant, and include a strong silver ball chain.

Have you decided yet which Pendant suits you the best?