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Sci-Fi Inspired Aluminum Pendants

Sci-Fi Inspired Aluminum Pendants by Healing Stones for You

We imagine that in every universe, galaxy, and solar system, there are planets that have healing stones similar to ours. And maybe the beings inhabiting those worlds collect the stones, and referring to sacred geometry, use the shapes to create small structures from metal, to hold their stones in a way that’s wearable, so the energy stays close, and can always be called upon when needed.

This the the concept behind our Sci-Fi Inspired Aluminum Pendants. Each Pendant was carved from 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, which is perfect for jewelry due to its strong, durable, non-corroding properties. Aluminum is also used in alternative medicine to reduce joint pain, it enhances mental abilities, and when used in jewelry, it protects the wearer.

With the exception of our Fortress Tigerwood Pendant, which has a square Tigerwood wafer surrounded by miniature walls and towers, all of our Sci-Fi Inspired pendants feature a natural stone cabochon, set in custom geometry, inspired by the genre we love.

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