What you See is What you Get

Sometimes it’s hard to buy things on the Internet because you wonder if the item you are seeing on the screen looks anything like the one you will be receiving.

This is especially true when trying to buy stones on the Internet because people are attracted to “certain” stones.

I know I am. I know what stone I want, the minute I lay eyes on it.

I have bought several stones online, where the Seller stated it would “look like” the items shown. Problem was, it didn’t really look like the items shown, and sometimes didn’t even measure up to the correct size, as stated.

We want shopping on Healing Stones for You, to be easy for our customers.

How easy is it? It’s as simple as: “What you See is What you Get.”

We are Pro Photographers, so each of our listings showcase professional photos of the exact item that is available for purchase.

The photo in this blog post shows an exact Chakra Healing Kit we have for sale, as well as one pound of tumbled stones.

Look for our Moon & Star Graphic, at the bottom of each unique listing, which assures you that the item you see on your screen, is exactly what you are purchasing.