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Charoite Double-Sided Pendants

Russian Charoite Pendants by Healing Stones for You

These gorgeous, Russian Charoite double-sided Pendants, are smooth and polished on both sides, and come on an adjustable Black Korean Wax Cord. We only have 10 of these OOAK Pendants in stock, and with so many different sizes, color swirls, and designs, how will you choose which one you like the best?!

Click Here to see photos of our available Charoite Pendants, and purchase the exact one that you want.

Charoite is one of my favorite stones and it is known for being a Stone of Transformation. Charoite can reduce stress and worry, it can help you overcome compulsions and obsessions, it bestows deep sleep and powerful dreams, it can stimulate inner vision and spiritual insight, it helps you accept the present moment as perfect, and it grounds the spiritual self into everyday reality.